Avoid the Hidden Sugar Effect on Your Children’s Teeth

As a parent, you are no doubt fully aware of the detrimental effect of sugar on children's teeth. You are constantly on your guard to limit their sweet treats and make sure their diet is a healthy one. However, even the most vigilant parents can be caught off guard by hidden sugars in foods.

Without a doubt, managing children's sugar intake in an overly sweet world can be extremely challenging. It makes it considerably more difficult when sugar is hidden in plain sight. It is little wonder that dentists all over the country are becoming alarmed. They are extremely disturbed about the detrimental effects on children's teeth because of the over consumption of sugar.

Here's what to watch out for to ensure you avoid some of the less discernible sugars lurking where you may least expect to find them.

Scrutinise Food Labels

A surprising and rather alarming percentage of supermarket foods contain additional sugar. In fact this applies to around 70 percent of products on the shelves.

Food labels use an amazing variety of names for added sugar. Therefore, detecting the culprits on the grocery shelves can often be tricky.  Look out for terms such as the following:

  1. corn syrup
  2. diastatic malt
  3. muscavado
  4. turbinado
  5. carob syrup
  6. maltose
  7. dextran
  8. galactose
  9. refiner's syrup
  10. evaporated cane juice

Regard Savoury Foods as Possible Suspects as Well

Numerous savoury items that are not generally thought of as being a sugar threat are actually full of additional sugar. Consuming these can add significantly to a daily sugar intake and easily exceed an acceptable limit, all quite unintentionally.

You will need to carefully examine the labels of bottled sauces, condiments, marinades and dressings . You may be surprised to discover their sugar content.

Watch for Additional Vulnerabilities

Besides hiding in foods, other sugar threats are lurking elsewhere. In the medical arena you need to be mindful for these.

Children's Vitamins

Some children's vitamins which come disguised as lollies have been found to contain almost 50 percent sugar. These are actually quite a dental nightmare while posing as a benefit to children's health. Naturally, children will love them, but the jelly-like sugar sticks to their teeth and creates a perfect environment for dental decay.

Children's Cough Syrup

Take care when choosing cough syrup. Certain brands contain an amazing amount of sugar, as much as 15 teaspoons in a single small bottle. Read the labels carefully and opt for a sugar-free version only.

Speak with a dentist if you have questions about your children's oral health.