How To Keep Your Teeth White After A Dental Whitening Procedure

If you've just had your teeth whitened by the dentist, chances are you're going to be worried about your teeth turning colour again. The truth is that teeth whitening results are not permanent. However, you can manage to keep your dazzling smile for quite some time before you notice any change. Here's what you need to do.

Home teeth whitening kits

Home teeth whitening kits are great for gradual maintenance of white teeth. While they do not turn your teeth white rapidly like in-office treatments, they do brighten your teeth with time. In some cases, your dentist may provide a home whitening kit where the right shade of white has not been achieved using in-office treatment. To keep your teeth white after a treatment, get one of these home kits and use it over several weeks. If possible, get a kit from your dentist, as it will have the right amount of whitening gel depending on the condition of your teeth. However, wait a few weeks before using one of these kits to allow the results of your first whitening procedure to show.

Avoid foods and beverages 30-60 min after teeth whitening procedure

Immediately after you have had your teeth whitened, your teeth enamel will be at its most porous stage. This is due to the action of hydrogen peroxide that will wear off any dirt on the teeth surface. As a result, food or beverage particles are likely to get inside your teeth's crown and stain your teeth at this time. To avoid this, avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes after any teeth whitening procedure. This includes office cleaning, dental trays, strips or after using teeth whitening toothpaste.

Avoiding teeth-staining foods and beverages

Food and drinks do not stain teeth only after a whitening procedure. These are part of the reason why your teeth change colour over time. However, some foods and beverages cause more discolouration than others. This includes tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea and other dark beverages. If you can, avoiding these foods can help keep your teeth whiter for longer. If you cannot avoid your dose of coffee or red wine, think about brushing or rinsing your mouth after consuming these beverages. Doing so will wash away any remnants from your teeth and prevent staining.

Most importantly, maintain proper oral care through regular brushing and flossing. You may go for another teeth whitening procedure after a year or when you feel your teeth have deteriorated. However, consult a dentist, such as those found at Divine Dental, first, because too much teeth whitening may wear your teeth enamel.