3 Facts About Sugar and Your Teeth

Everyone knows that sugar is terrible for oral health, right? In general, this statement is true, but a few facts evade even the most clued-up people. Here are three facts that your dentist would like you to remember about sugar and dental health. 1. Not All Sugars Are Equal When it comes to dental health, free sugars are the bad guys. These sugars, which are found in soda, candy, and juice, are an easy source of energy for the bacteria that reside in your mouth and produce acids that weaken your teeth. Read More 

4 Ways That Teeth Shift Slowly Over Time

It is normal for teeth to shift a little over time. But if your teeth have begun to shift for no apparent reason, you are probably worried. Missing teeth is one of the most obvious causes of shifting. But if you still have all of your teeth, then something else is to blame for the shifting. Teeth shift for many reasons. And if your teeth have slowly moved out of position over time, the following habits could be to blame. Read More