Find Out Why You Need Dental Teeth Cleaning & When You Should Get It

Apart from the usual brushing and flossing, your teeth need to get professionally cleaned at the dentist's office too. Often, food materials will accumulate around the teeth and form yellow plaque, especially near the gums or at the back side of your teeth. Dental teeth cleaning removes this build up of accumulated plaque and tartar leaving your teeth brighter and healthier too.

How it's done

Your dentist will first examine the degree of buildup to determine what materials to use for the cleaning. If the buildup is average, the dentist will use a scalar to prod it from the teeth. If the buildup is in excess, he/she may use ultrasound equipment to knock the layers off using vibrations. Both procedures are painless and do not require any injections. Once the bulk of the buildup has been removed, the dentist will use a polishing tool to remove any left-over plaque on the enamel surface.

Why you should get it

Teeth cleaning is an unavoidable product of time. It's hard for you to reach all the dirt around and in between teeth even with regular brushing and flossing. This is why yellowing of the teeth is so prevalent. Teeth cleaning eradicates any build up left as a result of this. Due to different dietary and hygiene habits, everyone's teeth require different degrees of teeth cleaning.

When you should get it

Teeth cleaning should be done periodically, usually during dental checkups every six months or so. It's a structured part of the routine during dental checks in most clinics. Depending on the condition of your teeth, your dentist may skip cleaning at certain times or even schedule early cleaning appointments after your visit.

Importance of teeth cleaning and whitening

Teeth cleaning is vital to ensure good oral hygiene. The process removes food build up that could bring about bad breath due to the action of bacteria on the food matter. Consequently, dental cleaning also helps abate teeth decay. In addition to these, teeth cleaning can also help keep off oral diseases such as gingivitis and even periodontal disease. On a more subtle level, dental teeth cleaning also makes it easy for you to clean your teeth at home. This is because most of the difficult dirt will have been removed so you won't have to struggle to keep your teeth white.

If you haven't had your teeth cleaned lately, consult a clinic such as The Happy Tooth Muswellbrook for more information.