Brace Yourself for these Orthodontic Alternatives to Braces

If you have a smile that can be repaired by braces, you may be a bit apprehensive. You may believe that they will hurt, may not work long-term, or may cause more issues than you would like to deal with. This may lead you to seek out your orthodontic alternatives. If you are considering different options, here are a few that you should consider and the benefits of each one.

Invisible Alignment

Invisible alignment options, also known as Invisalign, is a suitable option for various reasons. This option does not attach directly to your teeth in the same way that traditional braces or clear braces would. They work more along the lines of a dental plate. They are conformed to fit over your top and bottom teeth and, through pressure, align your teeth over time. They are clear in appearance and can be adjusted easily. They also do not cause issues with your tooth enamel that could leave sensitive spots over time.

Functional Jaw Orthopaedics

Sometimes the reason you may have crooked teeth is due to your jaw itself. One option is to avoid braces and alignment and instead have your orthodontist focus on your jaw line. This is called functional jaw orthopaedics. This process uses different types of oral appliances to help shape the jaw in a similar way that braces shape the teeth. The benefit of this method, in addition to aligning your teeth, is better breathing as well as better sleep. If you are having issues with your breathing, sleep, and with snoring in addition to tooth alignment then this may be an ideal option.

Myofunctional Orthodontics

Some people may not want a simple solution that offers temporary relief. This is a concern for many people considering braces as an option. Instead of that option, you could have your orthodontist use myofunctional orthodontic procedures. This process uses mouth pieces and appliances to help the jaw reform, and not just the teeth. The orthodontist will take x-rays of your mouth and jaw and begin analyzing them for form problems, like crooked jaw lines or related issues that cause the teeth to be misaligned. The end result fixes the way your mouth and jaw functions to help with alignment rather than a simple cosmetic fix that handles only the appearance. 

Clear Braces

If your issue with braces is the metal and the appearance, one option is to go with clear braces. This is a more traditional solution to your alignment issues. The main difference with clear braces and metal is the appearance. In most other regards, the process and alignment work is the same.

These are just four of your options. If you have questions about these options or other options available, consider a consultation appointment with a business such as Sunshine Coast Orthodontics.