3 Reasons Your Family Dentist May Suggest Using a Water Pick

When you visit your family dentist, there are several things you are prepared to hear. You will hear about flossing, brushing, and using the right mouth rinse. Your dentist may impress upon you the importance of maintaining your dental health and discuss your current routine. What you may not be prepared to hear is that you should purchase and use a water pick. Here are some reasons your family dentist may suggest using a water pick.

Orthodontic Issues If a member of your family has orthodontic issues, like braces, then your family dentist will probably suggest using a water pick. The water pick can get around braces and oral hardware and between smaller spaces and gaps that toothbrushes can't reach and floss will not work with. The water pick will use jets of water to remove food particles and debris from the braces and between teeth. You can then brush and rinse as normal.

Sensitive Gums If you or a family member has sensitive gums, then you know how painful it can be to brush your teeth. If you've tried several options, including softer brushes and special toothpaste for your gums, but the pain is still there, then a water pick may be an option. The water pick can be set to several levels of intensity. On lower levels the water can help remove debris from the gum line easily without brushing. You can also add medicated rinses to the water in the water pick as prescribed by your dentist. These rinses may help with sensitivity or they may deliver a stronger dose of medication to help with gum pain.

Flossing Issues There may be some cases when flossing just isn't working well for you. This could be due to crooked teeth or teeth that have overlapped. If this is the case, your family dentist may suggest using a water pick to replace the floss. This may take longer than traditional flossing, but it will help remove debris that can cause cavities and breakdown of enamel between your teeth.

These are just three of the reasons your family dentist may suggest using a water pick as part of your oral health routine. If they do prescribe a water pick, they will discuss with you how to use it and special steps you can take to add rinses or prescribed medicine to the pick for added oral health benefits. They may also make suggestions for sensitivity settings or particular brands of water picks that work best with your needs.