Dental Clinics | 4 Warning Signals of Imminent Dentures

Missing teeth can affect a person's ability to chew properly and can reduce self-confidence drastically. Dentures are meant to replace missing teeth and are primarily used to enhance appearance and functionality of teeth. Not only do they improve functionality, but they also help people restore their lost confidence. 

Dentures are usually priced between $500 and $2500, depending on whether you need full or partial dentures. Full dentures usually replace the entire set of teeth, while partial dentures fill in gaps in existing teeth. Here are some warning signals that dentures are on the horizon for you and how dentures can help.

Regular Red, Swollen and Bleeding Gums

If your gums feel red, swollen and bleed regularly, it usually means that you're suffering from gum inflammation. This starts mildly as gingivitis and advances to severe periodontal disease if you're not careful. Ultimately, this type of gum disease will contribute to tooth loss. Once you suffer from tooth loss, you will need to fix dentures to cover your missing teeth. 

Loose Teeth and Widening Gaps

When your teeth start to shift from their position or when gaps start to widen in teeth, it could be a sign of bone loss in the gums. This bone loss from loosening or widening teeth will cause eventual tooth loss and extraction, which are signs that partial or full dentures may be necessary for you.

Constant Toothaches

Advancing tooth decay that attacks the nerves in the centre of teeth will cause severe pain and constant toothaches. If caught in its early stages, tooth decay can be blocked through simple dental fillings. But if it reaches an advanced stage with extensive decay around the teeth, then you may need partial or full dentures. The dentist will determine whether some teeth can be saved, but this depends on the extent of the decay.

Regular Indigestion and Stomach Aches

While this is an indirect sign of needing dentures, regular indigestion or stomach aches could be because of poorly functioning teeth. When you don't chew your food properly because of cracked or weak teeth, you'll end up consuming bigger chunks of food that are tough on your stomach. Cracked and sore teeth are telltale signs of poor dental hygiene. In most cases, dentures may be the solution to fix the problem of weak teeth.

Good oral hygiene and regular teeth cleaning at the dentist are important for retaining the full functionality of your teeth. Even if you do suffer from tooth loss, full or partial dentures will be able to restore the full performance of your teeth in no time. Be sure to visit a dentist, like those at It's Your Smile Dental Group Pty Ltd, regularly to get a thorough assessment of your teeth.