Stop Avoiding It and Get Those Dentures!

When your dentist tells you that it's time to remove the damaged teeth you have and get a set of dentures, you may avoid his or her advice. The thought of getting dentures may make you feel old, and you may worry about dentures slipping out when talking or eating, and the embarrassment you might then suffer. While it is your own decision whether or not to get dentures, note a few reasons why you might want to stop avoiding the subject and seriously consider your dentist's advice.

Keeping the gums and jaw healthy

The bones of your jaw need to stay stimulated with good blood circulation to remain healthy and strong, and they get this stimulation from your teeth. When you're missing teeth or teeth are severely rotted, blood circulation in the gums and mouth may slow down. In turn, the bones of the jaw may soften over time and your gum line may actually sink and weaken, making it harder for you to talk and chew properly. You may also be more prone to bone fractures as those bones get soft and weak. Having dentures will increase blood circulation so that your jawbone is stimulated and then stronger and healthier.

Dentures also help to protect the sensitive tissue of the gums. Note that the upper areas of your gums are not meant to be exposed but should be covered by teeth; when you have missing or damaged teeth, you may then be more prone to sores along the gum line. Dentures will protect this sensitive area of the gums and keep your mouth healthier.

Tooth decay

Your dentist may suggest pulling the teeth you have because they're severely decayed; this is because those areas of decay and cavities may hold germs and bacteria that you can't always address with standard brushing and rinsing. This buildup of germs and bacteria can increase your risk of oral infections. Pulling severely decayed teeth now and replacing them with dentures can protect your mouth and overall oral health.


You may be afraid of dentures falling out but note that properly fitted dentures, when used with a high-quality adhesive, actually have very little chance of slipping. You typically don't need to worry about not being able to talk or eat your favorite foods with a good set of dentures; if they do ever slip, your dentist can easily refit them and advise on the best adhesive to use to keep them in place. Getting rotted or decayed teeth pulled and replacing them with dentures can then actually help to improve your appearance and overall self-esteem.