Teeth Whitening: Why It Is Best Left To the Professionals

If you are seriously debating on brightening your smile, you may be trying to decide between investing in professional dental whitening or simply strolling into your local pharmacy and picking up some whitening kits. Although over the counter kits do afford you the convenience of performing this treatment at home coupled with being the more affordable option, they may not necessarily be the best course of action. If you have severely stained teeth, you would be much better off in the hands of a professional. And although in-office teeth whitening can cost a pretty penny, the price is worthwhile when you factor in the advantages that it accords you. So why is teeth whitening best left to a professional dentist?

Professional teeth whitening ensures healthy teeth

There is an infinite number of reasons why your teeth can acquire acute staining. From your dietary options to lifestyle habits, you will find that your oral care routine simply does not cut it when it comes to a pearly white smile. However, when you opt for at home whitening, you only address the superficial staining. A visit to the dentist, on the other hand, will ensure that your teeth get a comprehensive checkup.

The checkup enables the dentist to discern problem areas and address them before the whitening process can be undertaken. This approach ensures that pre-existing dental conditions such as enamel erosion, cavities and more do not end up compromising the result of the whitening. Therefore, not only will your teeth look better but they will be healthier too!

Professional teeth whitening provides you with ultraprecise results

An often-overlooked aspect of the whitening process is that individual shade of your teeth tends to be disparate from other people. Thus, although at home whitening products do bleach your teeth to some degree, you should bear in mind that they are manufactured for mass consumption. Therefore, you cannot be assured of whitening your teeth to the specific hue that you would prefer.

In office whitening, on the other hand, considers these differences. Your dentist will start by first discerning what degree of whitening would be required to achieve the natural hue of your teeth. This analysis is critical in ensuring that your teeth do not appear artificially white, as this would inevitably detract from your appearance. So if you would like an accurate match to the natural whiteness of your teeth, professional bleaching would be your best option.