Why Invisalign Braces May Be a Better Fit for Your Teenager

If your teen's orthodontist wants to brace your child's teeth, then you may be given a choice between regular metal braces and Invisalign treatment. While many kids don't have a problem wearing metal braces, some may be better off with Invisalign bracing. These braces use a series of removable trays to straighten the teeth, switching the trays up as the treatment progresses. Why might your teen prefer Invisalign braces over metal ones?

Cosmetic Appeal

If your teen is very image conscious, then they may prefer to wear Invisalign braces over metal braces. Invisalign trays fit over all of the teeth and are made from a clear plastic that is hardly noticeable in the mouth even at close quarters. On the other hand, metal braces put posts and wires on and over the teeth, making it much more obvious that you're wearing braces. So, from a cosmetic point of view, your teenager may lean towards the more subtle Invisalign aligners.

Easier Oral Maintenance

If your teenager finds it a chore to clean their teeth as well as they ought to, then Invisalign braces may also come with some oral hygiene advantages. When you wear metal braces, you need to spend more time cleaning your teeth and gums than usual, especially around the fixed posts on your teeth which may leave erosion spots on tooth enamel if you don't maintain good cleaning habits. While it's obviously still important to clean your teeth and gums well when you're having an Invisalign treatment, it's a lot easier to do this. These trays are meant to be taken out when you clean your teeth, so, instead of cleaning around a brace, you'll just be cleaning your teeth as you normally would. This may make Invisalign aligners a better option if you're worried about your teen taking on the added brushing responsibility that comes with metal braces.

Easier Eating

Metal braces come with some food rules. For example, to avoid damaging the braces, you shouldn't eat anything that is really hard, crunchy or chewy. What you eat doesn't matter with Invisalign braces, however, as you take the trays out to eat. This may appeal to your teenager, especially if they like eating stuff like pizza crusts, nuts, chewy breads, whole apples and corn on the cob.

If you, or your child, aren't 100% sure which bracing option is best, then talk to your orthodontist about how both types of braces will fit in with your teen's lifestyle. Your orthodontist will have had plenty of experience of using both metal and Invisalign braces on teenagers and will be able to help your teenager assess which option to choose.