How 3-D Equipment Can Help to Restore Your Smile

If you're of an older generation, you may have been used to the traditional approach to dentistry, which may have removed a bad tooth and simply left a gap in its place. Back in those days, not much attention was paid to aesthetics or functionality, and you've had to live with the net result for some time. The good news is that technology is now able to help you restore your smile and make it easier for the dentist to come up with the perfect solution. Why should you have a chat with your dental professional about aesthetic dental care?

Technology to the Rescue

In the majority of cases, a dentist may well be able to introduce an implant to fill in the gap in your smile. They can use sophisticated technology that is found within a typical practice these days and that has largely replaced the old-fashioned two-dimensional imagery. At one time, the dentist would have had to rely on their considerable experience and ability to determine whether the bone structure was sufficiently dense to receive such an implant, but now they will be able to tell with conviction by using this type of equipment.

For example, many facilities have a cone beam CT scanner that at one time was only found in hospitals or medical imaging facilities. It has the capacity to render a very detailed, three-dimensional image of the patient's jaw structure, and this will allow the dentist to plan where the implant post is going to be placed with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

The Perfect Look

Furthermore, the materials used to make modern-day implants are very strong and very lifelike. When the dentist is finished with their work you won't be able to tell if the replacement tooth is original, and you will fully restore your natural smile.

Time and Cost Savings

This type of technology can deliver another advantage to the patient—time. The entire process involved in fitting an implant has now been reduced considerably, and this means that the patient can takeless time out of their schedule. These time savings also translate into lower prices upon completion, to add some icing to the cake.

It's Your Turn

If you've been worried about the way that you look but may think that nothing can be done, you should consider how technology has come to your aid. Find out how your dentist can help you to smile again.