Here’s All You Need to Know About Treatment With Clear Aligners

While traditional metal braces are an excellent treatment option for people that need to have their teeth straightened, they're not for everyone, especially adults that are too apprehensive about being seen wearing orthodontic appliances. 

If you have crooked teeth and feel self-conscious about wearing shiny braces, there are alternative treatment options you can consider to fix your teeth and better your smile. One of them is clear aligners like Invisalign.

Here's what to know about these orthodontic appliances:

Benefits of Clear Aligners 

Clear aligners offer a variety of amazing benefits that make them a great modern alternative to metal braces. Continue reading below to learn about some of the benefits that these new orthodontic appliances can bring.

1. Less Obtrusive

As already mentioned, one of the major drawbacks of conventional metal braces is they easily draw people's attention. Clear aligners were invented with this drawback in mind. These nearly invisible aligners are made from thin, clear plastic material so they don't stick out the way shiny metal does. As a result, you can go about your daily interactions without people easily noticing that you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

2. More Comfortable

If you are not ready to cope with a little discomfort that may come with wearing metal braces, then clear aligners are a great choice for you. These aligners are made of a soft plastic sheath that fits snugly over teeth. 

They are extremely comfortable to wear, as they don't have the brackets that can make your mouth sore.

3. More Convenient Treatment Plan

The good thing with clear aligners is they can be removed for cleaning, eating and drinking. All you need to do is put the thin sheath in the casing they came with when you're not wearing them.

Clear Aligners vs Metal Braces: Which Is Cheaper?

Unlike metal braces, which are fixed permanently and only need to be adjusted occasionally, clear aligners are meant to be worn in stages. As a result, you will need to see your orthodontist more often to get new aligners. Additionally, the technology involved in creating aligners for patients is still quite expensive. Thus, clear aligners generally cost more than treatment with traditional braces. 

To determine whether or not getting clear aligners is the best way to straighten your crooked teeth and improve your smile, book an appointment with your orthodontist. The orthodontist will look into your dental history and carry out an oral examination to establish if you are eligible for treatment with these virtually invisible aligners.