Why Dental Implants are the Most Suitable Choice for Replacing Lost Permanent Teeth

The gaps created by missing teeth are not only unattractive, but they also make chewing difficult. Several dental procedures have been developed to replace lost teeth to improve smiling and other functions of the mouth. You can opt to have partial dentures or bridges to replace your missing teeth. Although these procedures work for most people, they can cause poor mouth structure, soreness and discomfort. If you experience these adverse effects, then you must find another tooth replacement option. Dental implants are the best alternatives to traditional dentures and bridges.

The structure of a dental implant is similar to that of a natural tooth. Their architecture ensures adequate protection of adjacent teeth and the jawbone. Since your implants will fit perfectly into the gaps, they will not cause any soreness or discomfort. Here is why installing dental implants is more beneficial than other tooth replacement procedures. 

Dental Implants Have a Natural Look

When choosing a cosmetic dental procedure, you must think about the finish of the end product. You should consider the options that give you a more natural look. Of all the tooth replacement choices available, dental implants provide the most natural look. Implants have the structure of a natural tooth, from the root to the crown. That makes them incredibly strong and natural. Unlike dentures, nobody will notice your implants when you smile or talk. 

Dental Implants Are Hard-Wearing

The durability of any cosmetic procedure is a significant consideration. With care and caution, your implants can potentially endure a lifetime. However, like your natural teeth, you should practice proper oral hygiene by brushing your implants twice a day and flossing regularly. Besides that, you should regularly visit your dentist for routine check-ups. 

Dental Implants Do Not Wear Down the Jawbone or Adjacent Teeth

With bridges, your dentist needs to grind the teeth near the gaps to attach them. Because of that, the adjacent teeth may weaken over time. If you fail to replace your missing teeth, you may start to experience bone loss around your jaws. Since dental implants begin with root insertion at the jawbone, they will prevent bone loss, thus maintaining the strength of your jaws. Furthermore, well-installed implants will fit perfectly into the gaps without affecting the surrounding teeth. 

The most effective solution to your lost teeth is having dental implants. If you want to replace your missing teeth, contact a dentist that can provide dental implant installations.