Top Benefits of Premium Full Dentures Over Other Types

1 in 25 Australians do not have any natural teeth left. Unfortunately, toothless patients did not have an effective solution in the past and had suffered a lot. However, the development of dentures meant that toothless patients could smile and chew food once again. That said, complete dentures are classified into two categories; premium full dentures and economy full dentures. As the name suggests, premium full dentures are a better version of the economy type, and they have significant benefits over the latter. This article highlights a few of those top benefits.

Custom Fit

When you wear dentures, the last thing you want is a dental prosthetic that does not fit very well inside the mouth. The reason is that a loose-fitting complete denture is quite uncomfortable and moves every time you talk or chew. On the other hand, a tight denture presses on the gums and palate, causing bruises and painful lesions. Luckily, you do not have to worry about fitting issues with premium complete dentures because they are custom-designed to fit inside your mouth. It is because denturists use sophisticated scanning technology to analyse your mouth and get an accurate mould. Afterwards, they use computer-aided engineering to produce a prosthetic that fits comfortably.

Natural Look  

How would you feel when you get new complete dentures, and someone tells you that the gum pigmentation or the artificial teeth look off? Of course, the observation would make you feel bad and may even affect your self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, you might go through such experiences if you wear low-quality complete dentures, and you may feel like the effort to enhance your life has gone to waste. Premium full dentures are the highest quality dental prosthetics you will come across, and they are worth the money if aesthetics are anything to go by. Notably, premium dentures are made from the best material that mimics the exact pigmentation of natural gums. Furthermore, the artificial teeth on premium full dentures are made from lithium disilicate, a material with high translucency that absorbs light and helps dentures achieve a more natural appearance.

Enhanced Oral Health

Usually, patients with traditional or economy dentures must visit a dentist regularly for oral health checkups and denture adjustments. However, following a strict dental care routine helps to maintain good oral health, even if you wear economy dentures. That said, you can reduce the number of visits to a denturist with premium full dentures for two reasons. Firstly, premium dentures fit perfectly; hence, you do not have to worry about painful blisters around your palette and gums. Secondly, premium dentures do not leave gaps between the mouth's roof and the acrylic base. Thus, it eliminates the chances of food particles lodging into the space and rotting without your knowledge, enhancing oral health.

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