Why It’s Essential to Replace Missing Teeth

If you have lost a tooth due to an accident or decay, you might wonder whether you should replace it with a dental implant or simply live with a gap. Dental implants are a great option for replacing single teeth as they are fitted directly into the gum, without affecting nearby teeth. Here are a few reasons why you should ask your dentist about dental implants rather than learning to live with a missing tooth.

1. Protect Nearby Teeth

When a tooth is lost, the effect on surrounding teeth can be profound. Nearby teeth can migrate into the gap, which can result in them becoming twisted or otherwise misaligned. Over time, this distortion can lead to problems with chewing or speaking. A dental implant can fill the gap, keeping other teeth in place.

2. Protect Bone Health

Did you know that losing a tooth can lead to you losing bone mass from your jaw as well? The bone cells in your jawbone rely on the pressure generated by chewing to stimulate new bone growth. If you lose a tooth and as a result start chewing only on the other side of your mouth, the result can be bone loss on the side where the tooth was lost. Dental implants allow you to chew with confidence using your entire mouth by replacing the missing tooth with a strong and stable prosthetic.

3. Prevent Discomfort

Eating can be an uncomfortable experience when you have a gap in your smile. When a hard piece of food slips into the gap, you might feel sudden pain that can completely spoil your experience of the meal. Over time, this can lead you to avoid foods that were once your favourites. Dental implants make eating as easy and pleasurable as it was before you experienced tooth loss, allowing you to enjoy a balanced and varied diet.

4. Smile With Confidence

You might think at first that you do not mind the change in your appearance that comes from having a missing tooth, but over time the imperfection can eat away at your confidence. For instance, you may not truly feel confident giving an important presentation at work or smiling in a wedding photo when you have a noticeable gap.

A dental implant can easily fill the gap in your smile, allowing you to smile widely with confidence in any situation. Dental implant crowns closely match the appearance of natural teeth in colour, size, and shape.

Contact a dentist for more information about dental implants.