Benefits of Using Dentist Approved Treatment Plans for Tooth Whitening

Keeping a bright white smile is a goal for many people. You may be working on camera and need to give the best appearance possible. You may also simply want to have a white smile for the health and hygiene benefits. If you are considering a tooth whitening program, you may be considering something store bought. Though these kits can help, there are some reasons you should use a dentist approved and personal treatment plan. Here are some of those benefits and reasons. 

Reduced Damage

When you use an over the counter at home teeth whitening plan, you run the risk of damaging your mouth. For example, you may have issues with the level of whitening agent used in the treatment. The level can be too high and cause damage to your enamel, sensitive teeth, or burning on your mouth and lips. When you use a dentist approved treatment, your dentist will determine the level of whitening agent needed to get you to your goal while avoiding damage to your mouth. 

Ongoing Treatment

When you use an over the counter whitening system, the system generally lasts for a short time. It also may not tell you how often you will need the treatment or for how long. When you are done with the treatment, it may not inform you how to maintain your color. When you use a dentist approved option there is no guesswork. Your dentist will tell you when to start the treatment, how often to do the treatment, how long each session should be, and what to do to help maintain the color level you want. 

Maintaining Your Level

Once you reach the color level you want, you may think you are finished. The truth is, there is ongoing maintenance required. There is also more to the maintenance than simply brushing your teeth and avoiding staining foods and drinks. Depending on the health of your gums and your tooth enamel, there may be several steps involved to maintaining the level of whiteness you want for your teeth. Your dentist will be able to determine this and create a maintenance plan that works for you and your specific needs. 

When you are considering your tooth whitening plan, and are ready to get started, contact your dentist. They can help you with the right shade to start with and the treatment plan that will get you to your goal. They can also help you maintain your whitening and reduce the chances of staining and damage to your enamel.