4 Common Dental Problems That Affect Young Children

Like adults, children need to take care of their dental health on a daily basis to keep common dental problems like tooth decay at bay. Parents need to be aware that the following dental problems are common in children.

1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a common problem in young children. This is especially true in children that regularly consume sugary foods and treats like candy. Oral bacteria easily digest the processed sugars found in junk food and sugary treats. This causes the bacteria to spread while damaging children's teeth with secreted acid.

A family dentist can help to protect children's teeth against tooth decay with dental sealants for the pits and grooves of back teeth. Fluoride varnish can also help to combat tooth decay.

2. Tooth staining

Another dental problem that is common in children is tooth staining. This is especially true of children that don't brush their teeth properly. And children that consume bright coloured drinks at even more at risk of tooth staining due to the staining molecules in such drinks.

Children's teeth can also stain due to the accumulation of plaque around the bases of teeth. If not removed in time, dental plaque hardens into tartar, which can leave teeth looking yellow.

Dental cleanings can treat children's stained teeth effectively.

3. Tooth loss

Children are always bumping and scraping themselves while playing. And sometimes, children lose teeth in accidents. If a child loses a primary or baby tooth before the tooth is due to fall out on its own, the secondary or adult tooth may erupt in the wrong position. This could then affect the position of the other teeth and require orthodontic treatment later.

Fortunately, a family dentist can place a space maintainer into a missing tooth gap to hold that position open until the adult tooth is ready to erupt.

4. Tooth grinding

Some young children grind their teeth while they sleep. Nocturnal grinding puts great stress on children's teeth. If grinding is not treated in children, the wear and tear on their teeth will lead to tooth fractures and even tooth loss.

Family and pediatric dentists are able to create special mouthguards that children can wear while they sleep. These mouthguards stop teeth from grinding together. Children that grind their teeth may also need to see a dentist to determine the cause of their tooth grinding habit.  

Children need the help of their parents and dentists to keep their teeth in good shape as they grow. An effective way to avoid the aforementioned dental issues is for children to see a dentist at least once every six months for a dental checkup. 

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