A Blow to the Tooth: 4 Dental Consequences of Being Struck in the Mouth

Whether you trip and fall, are struck with a ball, or get into fight with someone, a blow to the mouth usually results in some form of oral injury. However, while fat lips and bruised jaws—aside from the pain—are fairly minor, other oral injuries might require an immediate visit to your dentist. Identifying possible dental trauma; however, can be tricky initially as what might appear at first glance to be nothing more than a minor injury might later become a dental emergency. Read More 

Why a Visit to Your Dentist Has Bigger Implications

The next time that you have any hesitation about going to the dentist, stop for a moment and think about the benefits. You will of course be familiar with the specific dental benefits (including a healthier mouth, fewer cavities and a nice smile) but what about the rest of your body? What do you need to think about? The Bigger Picture The medical and scientific professions have been able to link good dental health practices to specific benefits for rest of your body. Read More 

Why You May Be at Greater Risk of Developing Gum Disease Than You Thought

Are you at risk for the development of gum disease? One study in America estimated that almost one in two adults had some stage of gum disease, whether mild, moderate or severe. In addition to poor general dental hygiene, what are some of the bigger risk factors associated with gum disease? What can you do to try and avoid its onset? Do It Every Day The dentist will tell you that the primary cause of gum disease and the development of periodontitis is plaque that's simply allowed to build up without being removed. Read More 

Long in the Tooth: 3 Dental Treatments for Overly Long Front Teeth

Are your two front teeth too long? Do you feel uncomfortable when smiling because you fear what others might think or say about your teeth? According to a recent survey by Bupa, about a quarter of people hate smiling for this very reason. The fact that almost everyone on TV and in magazines has gleaming, straight, white teeth doesn't help matters either.  People are under more pressure than ever before to look their best, and teeth are a big part of what makes a person physically appealing. Read More 

Why You Need a Dental First Aid Kit

There's a good chance you carry a regular first aid kit with you, but have you considered investing in a dental first aid kit? This lesser known product is really handy to have around in a dental emergency. The products included can help you to preserve teeth that have been knocked out, reattach fillings or crowns until you can have them professionally replaced and carry out emergency repairs to your dentures. Read More