Never Too Old for Dental Sealants: Why Dental Sealants Aren’t Just for Kids

Dental sealants have protected the premolars and molars of children since the 1960s. During that time, numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of dental sealants in regards to cavity prevention. Since a full set of healthy teeth is vital to a child's jawbone and facial development, dentists recommend sealing primary teeth as early as possible. Adults Can Benefit from Dental Sealants Too Despite the fact that they were originally intended for children, dentists are beginning to recommend dental sealants to adults. Read More 

Teeth Whitening: Why It Is Best Left To the Professionals

If you are seriously debating on brightening your smile, you may be trying to decide between investing in professional dental whitening or simply strolling into your local pharmacy and picking up some whitening kits. Although over the counter kits do afford you the convenience of performing this treatment at home coupled with being the more affordable option, they may not necessarily be the best course of action. If you have severely stained teeth, you would be much better off in the hands of a professional. Read More 

6 Reasons You Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is an advanced branch of dentistry that focuses on the positioning of teeth and jaws. The benefits of properly aligned teeth and jaws include prettier smiles, healthy teeth and confidence. Many confuse the roles of a dentist and orthodontist. To make it clear, if you have the following dental problems, you need orthodontic treatment. Underbite When the lower front teeth overlap over the upper front teeth, it is referred to as underbite. Read More 

3 Potential Sources of Tooth Decay That Will Surprise You

You probably have a pretty good idea of the types of food and drinks that can contribute to tooth decay. If a dentist should notice a few cavities while they're examining you, they will probably ask you about your consumption of these things. But everyone knows that lollies, fizzy drinks and sweets in general contain a large quantity of sugar and so can contribute to tooth decay, right? While these items might be the most obvious culprits, there are a few other things that can contribute to tooth decay. Read More 

Prevent a Trip to the Dentist This Halloween with the Following Tips

With Halloween fast approaching, a good number of Australian households are looking forward to all the candy that they get to indulge in guilt-free. However, it should also be noted that these candy binges significantly increase the chances of having to visit an emergency dentist. Therefore, it is essential for parents to reign in their kids and make sure that they are not putting their oral health at undue risk. Other than making sure that oral care routines are strictly adhered to during Halloween, there are additional measures that you can take to protect your children's teeth. Read More