Are You Having Trouble Paying for Dental Care?

For hundreds of thousands of Australians, dental care is unaffordable — essentially a luxury item. The situation is so dire that there's a petition asking the government to subsidise dentistry via Medicare. Of course, everyone needs regular, high-quality dental care. So what are your options when you're unable to easily afford it? Dental Insurance Yes, it's contradictory to pay for dental insurance when you're watching your budget. But it's worthwhile to go over your household budget with a fine-tooth comb to see if you can find the funds, as it's a worthwhile investment. Read More 

Why It’s Essential to Replace Missing Teeth

If you have lost a tooth due to an accident or decay, you might wonder whether you should replace it with a dental implant or simply live with a gap. Dental implants are a great option for replacing single teeth as they are fitted directly into the gum, without affecting nearby teeth. Here are a few reasons why you should ask your dentist about dental implants rather than learning to live with a missing tooth. Read More