Want Straight Teeth? 3 Options for Retainers

When your dentist starts discussing retainers with you, it can be an exciting time. Retainers signify that the time is near when you will have your braces removed. Once the braces are out of your mouth, a retainer is fitted to ensure that the newly aligned teeth settle into place and don't start growing at different angles again. There are three main types of retainers you can use; this article looks at these types and briefly examines the different pros and cons of each retainer. Read More 

Tips on Caring for the Dental Health of Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments can be almost as unpleasant as the disease itself, and most people, even those not affected by cancer, know of the deleterious side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, many people are unaware of the oral complications that cancer treatments can induce, even though over a third of cancer patients will suffer from them during or after treatment. With this in mind, it is important for cancer patients, or people caring for them, to pay close attention to their dental health, and take some extra precautions to avoid damage and disease as much as possible. Read More 

3 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Cavities With Invisible Braces

Although invisible braces are effective in straightening your teeth, they do put you at a higher risk for dental decay and cavities like every other type of braces. There are many areas covered by the invisible braces that can harbor plaque bacteria that promote cavities, and the presence of the braces prevents saliva from being able to adequately clean the surfaces of your teeth. If you are considering alignment therapy with invisible braces, here are 3 ways you can reduce your risk for cavities. Read More 

Brace Yourself for these Orthodontic Alternatives to Braces

If you have a smile that can be repaired by braces, you may be a bit apprehensive. You may believe that they will hurt, may not work long-term, or may cause more issues than you would like to deal with. This may lead you to seek out your orthodontic alternatives. If you are considering different options, here are a few that you should consider and the benefits of each one. Read More 

Find Out Why You Need Dental Teeth Cleaning & When You Should Get It

Apart from the usual brushing and flossing, your teeth need to get professionally cleaned at the dentist's office too. Often, food materials will accumulate around the teeth and form yellow plaque, especially near the gums or at the back side of your teeth. Dental teeth cleaning removes this build up of accumulated plaque and tartar leaving your teeth brighter and healthier too. How it's done Your dentist will first examine the degree of buildup to determine what materials to use for the cleaning. Read More